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We often finish your taxes in ONE sitting!
Prepare for your IRS Audit:
At TaxHelpReturns we offer full service bookkeeping, tax return
preparation, professional business analysis, accounting reports,
data & payroll processing or any accounting or word processing
service you need.
(720) 313-9593
(303) 829-4357 (TAX-HELP)
4973 S. Evanston St.
Aurora, CO 80015
Colorado Springs
(719) 232-2587
1501 W. Kiowa St., #B
Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Our office hours are from 8am to 5pm M-F. Please call to schedule an appointment.
Our Return PrepSteps give you a tax organizer to quickly &
accurately prepare your taxes while our Services page gives you the
links to the PrepSteps for all other TaxHelpReturns services!
Although we can rapidly complete any accounting service for
you, most of our clients need long-term stability. Therefore, our
service helps you year-round with accounting, tax compliance
and business reporting so you can manage your business more
efficiently and with LESS COST.
The reason why we are less costly is because we look for simple,
inexpensive ways to drive your business. Plus, our customers
depend on QUALITY service, not solicitous advertising.
We are straight-forward and easy. While it is important for you
to have good advice, it should not be prohibitively expensive.
Our specialized tax service allows you to get exactly what you
need, without extra cost. We realize that a tax burden is hard to
overcome if the compliance costs are too much. Therefore, we
intentionally give discounts and incentives which allow our
customers to stay in IRS compliance, with our guidance.
You can always call or contact us for tax or bookkeeping advice. It
is hard enough to run a business without the hassles of IRS and
Colorado compliance.
TaxHelpReturns is the rapid, low-cost alternative so you can run
your business, while we prepare all your accounting reports and
give you advice along the way.
If you have received an IRS letter about unfiled tax returns, click
Please follow the TaxHelpReturns Prep Steps for fast, accurate &
low-cost tax preparation!